Company today

Vivat retail chain is one of the retail leaders in the Kama region. There are Vivat supermarkets in all the districts of Perm and the large cities of the Perm Krai, such as Berezniki, Solikamsk, Lysva, Chernushka, Dobryanka, and Chaikovsky.

Each year several hundred thousands of people from Perm and the Perm Krai make purchases in Vivat shops. The Company does its best to maintain the status of the industry leader. Continuous development and improvement is one of the Company’s priorities aimed at sustaining and strengthening its market positions. First of all, it is a matter of the consistent assortment policy. Vivat supermarkets offer its customers a broad range of foodstuffs and convenience goods. The assortment is intended for various categories of customers and is able to meet most diverse demands. Alongside the basic essentials Vivat supermarkets offer the entire range of fresh vegetables and fruits, a wide variety of beverages, as well as housekeeping and cleaning products. Vivat retail chain is characterized by a wide choice of in-house products (semi-finished products from cooled meat, poultry, fish, finished products, pastry). Company’s own bakery and processing workshops (for meat, fish, finished products, confectionary) provide the hypermarket and large supermarkets with the impressive diversity of its products on a 24-hour basis.

Uninterrupted supply of shops is achieved by the implementation of an improved logistics system. The major part of products received from suppliers pass through the Distribution Center, where the products are subjected to careful inspection and control. As a result, the shops get the products with a 100% guarantee as to the quantity and quality.

The Vivat hypermarket and supermarkets are equipped with modern trading facilities. The advanced software of the counters and an integrated information system contribute to the high speed of processes. Efficient marketing policy, discounts and promotional actions are all aimed at making the purchases in the Vivat retail chain convenient, comfortable, and pleasant.



History of the Company

Vivat retail chain forms a part of NormaN-Vivat holding. The holding originated from the Norma company, which was incorporated in 1995 as a wholesale supplier of alcoholic drinks.

Shortly, the business gained momentum, and the company became the unrivalled leader of alcoholic drinks wholesale supplies in the Kama region.

In four years (1999) Norma made its first steps in retail, and this was how the history of NormaN beverage supermarkets began. Currently, the chain is operating successfully in Perm and many cities of the Perm Krai, as well as Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The next stage in the company’s development was the opening of product supermarkets Vivat. The first Vivat shop was opened in 2000. In the beginning the supermarkets were opened mainly in the bedroom microdistricts of Perm. This trend persisted for several years until 2003-2004, when several shops were commissioned one after another in the most busy areas of Perm. The peak of NormaN-Vivat retail business was symbolized by the construction of the hypermarket. The ceremony of opening the Perm first 24-hour hypermarket Vivat took place on September 30, 2004.

In 2010 Vivat retail chain celebrated its first significant anniversary. A decade of work has proven the company’s large potential, which will be realized in the close future.





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